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  Our motto. "If we wouldn’t like to receive it we won’t send it"

We call ourselves Plants Alive because all our plants arrive to you Alive!

Thousands of articles and books have been written about aquarium plants and pond plants, and in truth many of the various authors differ in advice regarding best growing conditions, habitats, growing sizes and even Latin names and sometimes spelling of the names. That does not necessarily mean that some are wrong (apart from the spelling), and some are right, it simply means that often aquarium plants  and pond plants are discovered or studied in different areas or in different conditions, which sometimes result in different results. We have pooled our own experiences with quoted information from many reliable sources to offer you what we believe is the best consensus of information you will need for a successful planted aquariumor garden pond. 

We pride ourselves on our pre and after sales services and offer a full money back guarantee if not entirely satisfied

Many plants are offered as aquarium plants, which are not really suitable, but look nice. Some are suitable for terrariums only, whilst some will survive for short periods submersed. Others still, are amphibious plants which spend most of their time emerged but become submersed in times of flood, these amphibious plants whilst suitable tend to be stiffer than true aquatic plants. Remember if it looks like a pot plant- it probably is.

We have decided to simplify the task of selecting aquarium plants by only listing true aquatic plants, with the exception of a small number of amphibious species which are known to survive and thrive under domestic aquarium conditions.  This is not to say we cannot get other plants not listed if required.  Likewise some amphibious plants have been omitted because of their unsuitability to the confined aquarium space.



Our plants are shipped from the Far East and have to be dipped in chemicals to remove snails before exporting.  These chemicals are harmless to fish but can be harmful to shrimps and we advise all customers to ensure all plants are rinsed / soaked thoroughly for a minimum of 48 hours before introducing slowly to a tank containing shrimps.




As our plants are imported from the Far East and not grown in a sterile environment we cannot guarantee they will be 100% snail free.  However, we try our upmost to ensure any snails spotted are removed.



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